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Lithium Batteries

Time To Switch

The quality of what you invest in determines the outcomes you receive, and lithium is a wise investment.


Maintenance Free

No time-consuming maintenance, charge when needed.


5 Year or 8 Year Warranty available.


Consistently provides the same power level from a full charge to near depletion without any adverse effects.


Weight reductions of 300 to 450 pounds or more,

which means longer run time due to less weight,

making a lighter, nimbler, quicker car.


Size doesn't matter... it'll fit

Call Us For Info

Batteries starting at $2650

Bundles (Chargers, etc) starting at $2975

Installation available

Choose from 36V, 48V, 70V

56Ah, 72Ah, 105Ah, 160Ah

Regular or High Performance

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